Human trafficking

Human trafficking is basically modern day slavery, it ranges from sexual slavery to forced labor to even organ trafficking and many more. It’s a problem that affects our society as a whole, and it isn’t  just in foreign countries, it’s everywhere. There are approximately 20 million to 30 million slaves in the world today. According to the U.S. State Department, 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every year, and 80% of those are female and half are children. 

There is a story about a woman named Ayesha, she was from Bangladesh and was sold to a sex trafficker when she was thirteen after running away with the man she loved. She tells about what she went through while she was a sex slave and how she survived through it and how she is living today, if you would like to learn more about Ayesha her story is here: , Ayesha is a great example of how human trafficking affects a person, her story shows what it is truly like for victims of human trafficking who were sold as sex slaves, especially for those in foreign countries. No one helps if they see you as a prostitute thinking you chose that life even if you didn’t and were forced into it like Ayesha. 

If you need help the human trafficking hotline is here: 1-888-373-7888 , please call and get some help. If you can’t call please try  getting in contact another way, talk to someone while in private or go to their website:  or contact them either through email:  or through text: send a message to “Befree”  (233733)

A way we can help to end human trafficking is to spread awareness about it and get people to make a difference, we could use social media to spread awareness using the hashtag #stophumantrafficking or start/donate to a fundraiser/charity to raise money for victims. You can donate here: 

If you help by spreading awareness or donating to charities you will make a difference and save someone’s life. It might not end human trafficking for everyone but it will end it for that person you helped, and that can be the greatest thing you could do for someone who is a victim. So please, take some time out of your day and help.


9 thoughts on “Human trafficking 

  1. I am shocked that human trafficking is as prevalent as it is in the world today. We must take action! I agree with Corbyn that it is time to pray for these victims and for this to stop.

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